Kris Deichler – Lighthouse International Group

If you’ve arrived on this website its likely you’re researching Lighthouse International Group (LIG) and/or the mentoring/coaching/counselling services of Kris Deichler a “Senior Associate Partner” of the business although not a legal co-owner/partner in the eyes of HMRC or Companies House.

My company Premier Ventures Ltd paid for a large number of 121 mentoring/coaching sessions between 2013 and 2018 and I was Kris’ largest and most loyal mentee during this time.

I also participated in a number of the Lighthouse International Group programmes, courses and other campaigns and so became reasonably familiar with the other mentors & mentees/clients.

Leaving Lighthouse

Between 2013 and 2017 I was very happy with the 121 mentoring service that I received it was only in 2018 that my relationship with Kris Deichler deteriorated when he basically repeatability pitched me a £5,000 for an unproven Zoom based training course and/or to gift him £15,000 quid.

Things got so bad it ended with court action (details >) after he refused to refund monies for 1 months worth of mentoring he did not provide and for three tickets of an event he charged for but never put on.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

I have heard from others who have also left Lighthouse International Group and commented on their experience via Reditt (details >) that LIG has later advised them that if their experience was not entirely positive then they are expected to keep their mouths shut after leaving. Those who who lovely things to say are encouraged to post on Google Reviews,, Bark, Quora etc.

When I advised Kris in Autumn 2020 an ex-member and I were privately sharing our experiences I was ordered to cease such “negative talk” otherwise the LIG legal team will consider taking court action against us. Such intimation and heavy handed tactics to control the narrative (a behaviour you’d expect from a cult) does not phase me whatsoever though. Full story here >>

Lighthouse International Group “Trolling”

In December 2021 I came across a Reddit post in the MLM group labelled  “Mentoring scam: Lighthouse International Group??” and added 3 comments (my user: rjhoward1986) to it (here >).

Whilst I made it clear I found the mentoring over the years very helpful Kris Deichler took great offence to me speaking the truth about how our relationship ended. Referring to me as an “internet troll” who is “out to destroy Lighthouse“.  Pfft. True? My three comments can be found here >. Do make your own mind up.

Considering Joining Lighthouse?

If you are already involved with Lighthouse International Group or are considering getting involved I am sure you have already spoken to Kris Deichler about the so called “trolling” from individuals (including myself) who they continually refer to as “mentally ill” for saying their LIG experience was not perfect. Plus I’m sure you’ve been given a web link to their propaganda “community” website.

However for the sake of balance and for your own good please do read another prospective here > and then come to your own conclusion. I am confident you will come away with a new appreciation of Kris’ masterful way of polishing this situation so LIG comes off as the one being mature and the one being victimised/bullied when the evidence says otherwise. Read it here >


This site is here to give readers a former mentees experience and to unmuddy the waters where LIG often provide cryptic or deflective answers to very reasonable questions (what are your experience / accreditations?, what’s your background in business?, why does LIG not give receipts for the money it charges?). Although do put your critical thinking mind to good use and also take the posts on the Lighthouse Community website (here >) into consideration too when deciding whether getting involved with Lighthouse is for you. Questions for me? >>