Kris Deichler / Lighthouse International Group charge £50.00 per hour for a one two one mentoring session. However a pay as you go model is discouraged.

Mentees are encouraged to “invest in themselves” and “send a message to themselves that they’re valuable” by bulk buying sessions. A practice at least one former mentee did not appreciate or see in his best interests. Details >

The Unstated Cost

You will likely find that mentoring/coaching/counselling sessions with Kris Deichler go beyond the allocated 60 minute window for a session and that like myself you will be grateful for this but it does come at an unstated cost and it’s only fair you know that now. Details >

More than Mentoring

Before you begin mentoring/coaching/counselling with Kris Deichler you should be aware that he will likely advise you that it is not a transactional relationship whereby you pay for x sessions seeking support/guidance in your issues, challenges or goals and that’s that.

Instead in due course you will likely be advised that you are “building your lives together” and in due course be told you’re seen as family like a brother/sister. However based on my experience this “love” will be likely be conditional. Details >

Bread Crumbs

It is also important that you know that Lighthouse International Group is not primarily in the business of providing mentoring/coaching/counselling. They aspire to build their lives with mentees and often encourage mentees to join their multi-level marketing (MLM) business. Details >

Refund Policy

Based on my personal experience Kris does not believe in refunds even when he has not provided the mentoring sessions or the event which the monies were paid for and even though this position is unjust and not lawful he clearly still considers it “fair“. Details of my dispute found here >

50% Price Increase

in late 2017 I was deceived into believing that Lighthouse International Group / Kris Deichler were about to increase the hourly mentoring fee for new and existing mentees across the board but it turned out to be nonsense and to have just been a high pressure sales technique. Full story >>