Who is Lighthouse International Group?


Lighthouse International Group proudly state they have been in the launch phase for 18yrs now and claim this because they have been conducting “research“, working on developing their character and mindsets in the right place and finding “the right people they can work with“.

Whilst I do not doubt that they have been conducting “research” for all of these years and they use it as marketing technique to attract new clients to their organisation (details >) it appears to be for internal uses only. For there is no record of it being peer reviewed, quoted in the press, relied on by a government agency such as the findings from reputable research firms IPSOS Mori or You Gov.

Whilst its claimed they work with number of PHD’s and leading corporations the names are never provided nor a single company name listed or a testimonial provided by a senior executive on the Lighthouse website. It appears to be 18yrs research relate to the “who” they want involved in their organisation, how to attract these individuals (marketing strategies) and what to sell them. “Research” almost all businesses do to some degree to understand & sell to their client base.


Lighthouse International Group is led by head mentor / CEO / Chairman Paul Stephen Waugh who according to one former Associate Partner (details >) is said to be considered by those in the LIG organisation to be a “level 4 mystic communal” (explanation >). The same individual claims that a very, very small number of those inside the organisation are “level 2” but most of the others and the general public would be level 1 which is the “chaotic antisocial” level.

He also states that those in the organisation are encouraged to follow Paul’s teachings so they can join him at level 4. According to another Reddit contributor he was advised by an “Associate Elect” who works full time with Lighthouse that Paul is the onlylevel 4” individual in the world. Details >

During my 6yrs as a mentee / client of LIG I was never told about what real world success Paul Waugh had achieved in his life and it appears that others are still struggling to find it too. Details >>

Formal Training

To the best of my knowledge during my time with LIG between 2013 and 2018 I was not aware of a single mentor who had studied business, counselling, coaching, psychology etc at University or did any professional qualification after this.

In fact in my opinion such individuals who were recognised experts / qualified professionals in counselling, psychology and other mental health professionals were almost looked down on as being “lost in their mind” and that their self-taught approach and Paul’s teachings were far superior.

No Trade Association Membership

Lighthouse are also not members of recognised trade associations such as British Association for Counselling (details >) or National Counselling Society (details >) and so are unlikely to hold any professional indemnity insurance protecting and giving peace of mind to those who are in receipt of their advice. The below is a screen shot of their Facebook profile from March 2022.

Regulator Petition

Even though long since established trade associations (which LIG could apply to) have a Code of Conduct on how such counselling/mental health organisation should behave, have clear guidelines on what insurance needs to be put in place, what ethical conduct must be followed and how complaints and refunds should be handled, Paul Stephen Waugh has launched a petition (found here >) calling for a regulator of the personal development industry.

However as the description section of the petition states this purpose of this “regulator” appears to primarily be to protect personal development companies and those who work for it. The focus appears to be much less on the patients/clients. The public and industries appetite for his idea does not seem to have resonated as signatures have stalled at just over 150 (21st March 2022).

Religious Leaning

It would appear that in around 2019 Lighthouse International Group weaved in a Christian theme to their work. It’s said Lighthouse head mentor Paul Stephen Waugh speaks openly about being raised in a Jehovah’s Witness family.

A friend of someone involved in LIG says that his friend was very atheist before joining but is now very Christian (details >). In 2021 LIG launched the “Christian Response Forum“.

Family Resistance

It is said that many Lighthouse International Group mentors receive significant resistance from their family members with some worried they have joined a “cult” and that head mentor Paul Waugh has “brainwashed” them. Kris Deichler confirmed this happens to him a lot. Details >

In this video Lighthouse International Group CEO Paul Waugh states that many who come to LIG have been “narcisitically fed” by their parents and that from his point of view most parents believe it is “normal” to live their life through their child. Video here >


Whilst Lighthouse International Group provides 121 mentoring services to individuals as well as charge for seminars and courses my former mentor Kris Deichler (who is now a “Senior Associate Partner” at LIG) always advised me that they have aspirations to become a billion-pound business. With the intended monumental growth achieved via a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. Details >


Whilst both the for-profit Lighthouse business and the community interest Lighthouse Kidz (details >) organisation have their registered offices at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU this is a mail box / virtual office used by thousands of companies in the UK.

They primarily work from their house-shares in Weybridge (South West London) or from libraries, coffee shops, pubs etc.

Mysterious Financials

One ongoing mystery about Lighthouse International Group during my time as a mentee (2013 to 2018) and those on the Reddit website have in 2021-22 is why LIG never provide any invoices, receipts or invoices for the services they provide and why the annual accounts they file with HMRC & Companies House always show the LLP partnership has £0 assets. Details >

Lighthouse Kidz

This is the community interest company side of Lighthouse International Group. This difference between this and a charity is: “CIC is expected to make a profit/surplus whereas a charity is considered as a not for profit which should not profit from the work it carries out.” Whilst Lighthouse Kidz has traded and raised money it does not appear to have been declared. Details >

No Refunds

LIG unlike many other personal development businesses does not provide any form of guarantee, warranty or refund for any of the mentoring or courses that it provides. Details >

Criticism / “Trolling”

Based on my experience and observation LIG is extremely sensitive of anyone who is critical of the organisation. It appears that those who do not have 100% positive things to say about every aspect of the business are labelled an “internet troll“, “pathological“, “narcisitical” (mentally ill) and even a “child killer” – yes that’s right. Kris Deichler has labelled me a “troll” and as mentally ill. Details here >

Court Judgements

Whilst one of the core principles taught at LIG is responsibility it appears that for some this does not appear to translate into financial responsibility as publicly available information shows the LLP business and a number of the LIG mentors have unpaid court judgments against them. Details >