Lighthouse International Group Refunds

Anyone who has been around those from Lighthouse International Group for even a short while will know, LIG does not see itself and its coaching/training/packages in the same league as others in the personal development world including the likes of Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy or other more dubious providers of personal development content.

Lighthouse mentors will stress the difference is others teach techniques/hacks/skills such as “How to Increase Your Sales by 30%”, “How to be More Successful in the Dating World” or “How to Make £50,000 a year running a Social Media Agency” etc etc where as they would argue they focus on building a high character, being aware of your ego, raising your conscience awareness, learning and living by success principles arguing that this is the foundation for success in any area of life.

No Refunds

It’s hard to argue with the importance of developing such fundamental areas however even merchants who push out dubious home based or weekend courses such as those mentioned above or the get rich in property, improve the % of your websites sales or become as masterful leader offer some form of money back guarantee. Some are as bold as a no quibble, you’re not happy for any reason, here’s your money back. Others say if you havent made xyz progress in 90 days then… and others: if you don’t make x times the cost of the seminar by y date = full refund.

However when I was involved with Lighthouse International Group between 2013-18 and based on the comments on Reddit (details >) LIG continue to not guarantee any of their mentoring, courses, packages, events etc. I’m not saying that anything outrageous should be offered such as “within 12 months you’ll be a millionaire or all your mentoring fees back” or take this course and if you dont make 50 grand we’ll refund you but not even a guarantee that the content they teach will be well beyond the price paid or a full refund speaks volumes to me at least.

Unique Training

As Lighthouse mentors will proudly claim, what they teach is the most foundational and powerful material that you’ll ever receive. LIG is in a league of it’s own in the personal development space, their CEO Paul Stephen Waugh has mentored the who’s who or today’s ultra-successful mega rich, has helped generate billions of pounds of value and has had a string of ultra successful businesses (one Reddit user has doubts on this >).

But due to the lack of any form of guarantee / refund commitment the message seems to be loud and clear that: we’re not confident enough in the value of our material and/or we cant trust you to see the value in it and so… no refunds.

Not Happy? It’s You Not Us

When Kris Deichler was continually pitching me a very vague £5000 discipline court throughout most of 2018 focussing solely on who I could become after it in terms of productivity, follow through, less procrastination etc and he was pitching it almost as a magic pill, referred to it as valuable as an alchemy machine (gold making machine) and on par with a University degree I directly asked about what guarantee LIG were offering on this 12 month Zoom based course which had never been offered to those outside the LIG core team before.

I was told that if a participant completes the course and does not get what they wanted from it or did not make the progress they thought then it’s due to them not being in the right place and they need to do some more inner work to address that.

Translated that means it’s not our course/training it’s them and so… no refunds.  This “you’re not quite there yet” carrot is something that a former Associate Partner of LIG who spent many thousands of pounds elaborates on here >

Success Based Compensation

Because I had a lot of trust in Kris and his judgement in 2018 I was never the less still interested in exploring this course as lord knows even getting 10-20% more disciplined would improve my life what I was able to achieve but I was not willing to wire over 5 grand and hope for the best.

Being that Kris was incredibly confident in the course and among other things what it would do for my income I even proposed a: how about instead of paying you £5,000 now I pay you £25,000 when I make my first £100,000? My offer was not only declined but actually laughed at.

You’re Never Told

You are never told there are no refunds if you are not happy or the event does not happen or the course does not deliver what was promised. As there is no invoice/receipt, contract or other form of paperwork it is presumed you know/agree. The no refund policy also applies even if you complete 10% of a course or the LIG team shelve it. In such circumstances 100% of your monies appear to be retained. This is what happened to a good friend of mine in early 2019. Story here >

Service Not Provided? = Still No Refund

Unbelievably even events and mentoring sessions that are charged for but NEVER provided are “non-refundable” in LIG’s eyes.

This Reddit user (details >>), myself and 2 friends and presumably dozens if not hundreds of others paid £75 per person for an event called “Dare to Dream” many years ago but it was never put on and no-one received a refund.

I also paid for 1 months worth of mentoring that Kris Deichler never provided but he refused to refund the funds. To this day he considers it fair and lawful that he keep both sets of monies. I wasn’t taking any of it and so I issued legal proceedings. Details >


So I’m not saying do not purchase anything from Lighthouse International Group. Do your research and if you choose to get involved in some level feel free to use their services.

However if I were you I would insist on a pay as you go model and not pay in bulk for x mentoring sessions or events/courses up front but as you have them. Ideally paying just after you have received it.