LIG Refund Attempt & Court Case

I was mentored by Kris Deichler “Associate Partner” of Lighthouse International Group between 2013 and 2018 for the most part I was very happy with the advice/guidance I received.

However things got very frustrating during the last year (2018). Basically I felt like we were in a holding pattern of being offered “new opportunities” (more ways to give him / LIG more money) which were primarily: invest in the LIG business i.e. x £ for y shares, a non-refundable £5,000 for a Zoom based discipline course and the most obscure of all a £15,000 investment in Kris himself…

The £15k “investment” was the vaguest one of them all. I could not get ANY clear answers around whether it was a loan, investment or an outright gift. There was never any discussion of you’ll be buying x shares in y company and here are its past financials / business plan. Nor was there any speak of if it was a loan what the duration was and the annual interest rate he’d pay.

Due to the lack of detail I outright asked “This sounds like a gift” and his response was “call it what you want“. As my 6yrs experience and the comments on Reddit (details >) have shown LIG are not a fan of paperwork (details >).

No receipts, invoices, contracts etc and so I can only presume the offer was framed in this incredibly vague way so that should things go sour and I ask for my £15k “investment” back at a later date I wouldn’t be able as the eyes of the law I gifted him the money.

Furthermore from what I could tell it was 15 grand for Kris to clear some debts maybe, pay his rent, food and other living expenses. There was never any talk of “I need to travel here to take x course” or “I need x to pay for this university course  / secure this accreditation”.

Whilst in January 2018 I had gladly pre-paid for a 12 month package of 121 mentoring sessions due to the ongoing pitch fest and breakdown of our working relationship I called it quits in Nov 2018.

Relationship in Limbo

So from December 2018 until the end of 2019 our relationship which had gone from almost daily texts, him sharing quotes, links to useful articles and conducting mentoring at least 5 days a week to 2-3 catch ups in the whole of 2019 over a coffee or beer.

Furthermore the average response time from his end for a Whats App or email response was drastically different. Going from same or next day responses when I was his most profitable client to an average of 3-5 weeks to get a text response.

Perhaps he was incredibly busy but I think it was more likely a mind game of, let me show you know how low down my priority list you now are or perhaps he thought I’d behave like a junkie and get “withdrawal symptoms” and crave my bi-weekly dose of Deichler so that I could function and so in no time be more susceptible to the direction he wanted me to go in.

I elaborate on this & other radical changes to our relationship on the Lighthouse Love page here >

Christmas 2019

So on 23rd December 2019 I sent him the below via What’s App (in regards to the opening line we’d provisionally agreed to meet for a drink in early December).

As you’ll see I bring up the fact its now been a year with communication down 99% and with us just having a catch up coffee now and then it was clear to me the glue to our “relationship” between 2013-18 was like any commercial relationship: me giving him money. The “love” or “building our lives together” was evidently absent without it. The below is what I sent word for word…

Hey man, thanks for you msg, shame the first week of Dec didn’t work out as that would have been ideal, never mind, these things happen. Yep usual back to Kent to see the family which is standard but I like the routine.

Am looking forward to a few days off to relaxing and having some fun with them! In regards to a meet up, I can see that this year has been very busy for you guys and presume time is ever more precious. So whilst I’ll always be up for a catch up coffee / beer please don’t feel obligated to do so just for old time sake.

I think it’s fair to say that this year has shown that the substance of our relationship was at least primarily a transactional/commercial one and so I won’t be offended if you need to focus your time and energy elsewhere in 2020 and beyond.

LIG has some incredibly ambitious and noble goals that I’m sure require absolute focus and I also truly hope that the seeds started manifesting more so in the secondary for you all this year as per your plans.

Anyways just thought I’d put that out there. Hope all is well with you and your loved ones and that you all of course, have a very, very Christmas!!

Just over 3 weeks later on 16th January 2020 I received a response to my What’s App message…

Rich, we’ve known each other long enough and worked on a lot together for me to feel I have the right to be very candid here. I don’t know how much you realise it but that’s a very character disordered message delivered in a particularly passive aggressive way and I want you to know I do not take kindly to that at all. I’m not angry (anymore at least), but I am disappointed. If anything it shows you’re still to get that ego of yours in check and if I didn’t know any better, I would be and ought to have been quite insulted by that after everything.

How much thought have you really given this? Please explain to me how I have treated our relationship as transactional, given how I have always extended myself to you and always invested far more than expected to help you. Is that a ‘transactional’ relationship?

Did you spare a thought for the vast amount of time, over many years, that I gave you well beyond the time allocated to our sessions and the many times I went out of my way helping you with challenges. Never once mentioning that or feeling a need to! If I were being transactional why would I not send you the bill? Why would I bother to consistently encourage and urge you to reach out and build better relationships with your family when you were more inclined to go with the status quo.. your dad in particular and your mum when she lost her brother?

It was me who travelled every time to visit you in Wimbledon, conveniently close to your home, yet I think you only travelled to Weybridge to see me here on less than a handful of occasions, and only on my request. May I add to this the fact I wanted to travel, at my own expense, to come and support you in person at your trial during a very difficult time, but which you turned down several times despite my desire to be there.

No Rich. I know for a fact I’m not the one being transactional here. Please don’t now egoically turn issues you’ve had / still have with our relationship onto me like that. And please acknowledge it was not me who chose to step away from it either.

I am not saying I don’t have my responsibility with you and could doubtless have done many things better. Of course I do and I’m aware of that. I know I have certainly made mistakes and withdrawals, even big ones, on occasion. That is for sure and I fully realise this, being a flawed and also egoic human being after all, like anyone. But I will always apologise, take responsibility and I’ve always cared for and overall always tried my best with and for you Rich. That I can say with hand on heart and all honesty to God. So this message reply is to that subversive and often petulant teenage ego of yours who wrote that message, not you the human being I know, love and respect… I hope you can reflect on this and come to see that.

Love Kris xx

Whilst there are far more important issues raised (discussed below) one thing that Kris Deichler neglects to mention when he tries to heroically say that he went out of his way to mentor me in Wimbledon is (1) At least 4/5 of our mentoring sessions were done remotely over the phone (2) Wimbledon is on the train home to Weybridge so he just needs to get off a few stops early at no extra charge (3) I would always always fit in with what worked for him too and never impose a take it or leave it session time. (4) We would meet at Pret a Manger which is 30 seconds from the station (5) I once gifted him £2,500 and so that will cover 10 times over any train fare extras he incurred.

Putting My Thoughts & Feelings on Paper

After receiving the above I thought it best to put my feelings out there in a letter (as Kris Deichler recommended I do in the past with others I wanted to to raise delicate subjects with) and so I spent a considerable amount of time writing and re-writing an 11 page letter with my thoughts and feelings (some of which was done during a holiday in the Caribbean as it meant something to me).

I raised a number of issues some related to him attempting to position himself as a hero for helping me with personal and business difficulties as though he was a selfless loving Uncle or Godfather or something when what I paid him for between 2013 to 2018 was mentoring, guidance and support. It felt manipulative to use that as moral currency when that was his job. You don’t get a surgeon going around saying: I saved your life bitch, you owe me. For that was his job.

I also raised my frustration with how the mentoring no longer seemed to have my best interests and goals at heart and about his relentless pitching of other LIG courses/investments and so called “opportunities“. I also suggested that as I’d heard of other mentees had stepped back around the same time perhaps LIG was the one who was off the mark in it’s approach & behaviour…

In hindsight I should have known better then to try and criticise LIG with many who do referred to as “pathological” (mentally ill) or worse (details >). But instead of Kris appreciating that I was in a putting myself in a vulnerable position and making efforts to save our relationship & open a dialogue I have to say I was rather disappointed & saddened to receive this email reply from Kris…

“Rich. Seriously? Wow!! I really have to say I am genuinely concerned over this. To have gone to such lengths with this… and over your holiday time too!…. One could say this is verging on pathological stuff here, do you not look at this and feel that at all. I would urge some serious reflection about that. I’m not going to engage in this kind of interaction. Sorry.”

A very childish and deflective response. It was also very hurtful as Kris had insisted over the 6yrs we worked together that he saw me as “his little brother” , that I should see him as family and that this is more then money, we’re building our lives together ++.

As someone who has had their trust used and abused by former “friends”, business partners and professionals it seemed particularly cruel looking back for Kris to have made such an effort to get me to open up over the years insisting he was not like those other users when at the end of the day, when I no longer gave him money & going in the direction that served him or LIG he was.

Openness to See a Mental Health Professional

In my email reply to him I offered to sit down with a psychologist with all three of us in the room to go through my letter/concerns and listen to his methods and behaviour to bring some objectivity to the situation. A trained therapist can see who is thinking unclearly, needs to change/apologise etc.

I had naively hoped he would be open to a reality check. Even though I offered to pay for the session and let him choose the professionally trained therapist my offer was never taken up.

I found this interesting from two points of view. Firstly he consistently claims through his work at LIG that he is someone who is “”dedicated to reality” and is willing to swallow a lot of bitter bills and “make things right” where needed. Secondly as stated, he constantly referred to me as his “little brother” over the years and so if you genuinely believed your “little brother” was mentally ill wouldn’t you do everything you could to work with him to get the professional help he needed?

At times he certainly was a sudo therapist for me and so for communication between us to go down 99% and then ending with the above email when my money stopped flowing into his bank account was incredibly cruel and not the behaviour of a good Christian by any stretch of the imagination. But I don’t appear to be the only one as explained on the Lighthouse Love page here >

No Refund “Policy”

To this day Kris Deichler asserts his position as his right under the law and it’s fair that I not get any refund for the 1 month of mentoring that I never received and he never provided. The same goes for 3 tickets to a LIG event called “Dare to Dream” that was charged for years ago but never put on with no one to my knowledge ever getting their money back…

Why did I Prepay for 12 months Mentoring?

I have had some ask this very reasonable question and the answer is that in December 2017 Kris Deichler advised me that across the board Lighthouse International Group were raising their mentoring prices from £50 per hour to £75 per hour. But this wasn’t true. Full story here >

Issuing Court Proceedings

So just over a week after I replied to Kris’ “Rich. Seriously? Wow!! I really have to say I am genuinely concerned over this” email by saying lets sit down with a qualified mental health professional to see who is off the mark and who, if anyone is mentally ill and receiving no response I decided to issue County Court proceedings (details >) to recover the funds I received no service for. Details…

The Defendant was paid £11,000 for a 12 month
mentoring/coaching package in January 2018
but due to a significant change of his style
and a breakdown of our working relationship
the mentoring ceased at the end of November
2018. Therefore one twelfth of the amount
paid is being claimed. £240 is also being
claimed for three lots of £80 paid for an
event called Dare to Dream that never
occurred but the funds appear to have been
pocketed. No no refund contract was ever
entered into and so these amounts for
services not provided are due back. The
Defendant continuously claims to be a
responsible, affluent and fair minded
individual but disappointingly this does not
to appear to be the case when money is on the

Kris’ Home Address

The County Court rules for small claims state the Claimant in a court case (my company in this case) is required to issue proceedings against the current or last known address of the Defendant.

Kris had given me his address and in 2018 and 2019 I posted a birthday card to the address and received a thank you text message each year.

I was therefore confident that this address was valid and if he had moved on then either he would have paid the fee to Royal Mail to divert mail to his new residence (details >) or he’d turn up now and then and ask the new tenants if anything had arrived for him. Something anyone would do. Therefore court proceedings were issued correctly using this as this current/last known address.

Kris’ “Apology”

Shortly after doing this I received an “apology” voicemail from Kris Deichler over his “Rich. Seriously? Wow!! I really have to say I am genuinely concerned over this” email however it was not a few days after he sent that email, nor a week after it was conveniently the same day that the Court Claim documents would have arrived at his address. Yes exactly. Some “apology” if you ask me.

In this “apology” voicemail Kris stated that he’d reflected on his email response from a few weeks back, admitted it was not well thought out, stated now that it was reactive and he wished my family and I well. Very cute things to say during the beginning of a pandemic. I just wish it was sincere.

As already stated I was involved in 121 mentoring with Kris Deichler between 2013-18 and so a good six years. I cannot recall a single occasion after a phone call, meeting or mentoring session with him where he reflected and called back out of the blue to make amends. That is not to say he constantly had things to apologize for but like any relationship we all do now and then.

The timing of this first ever call and apparent genuine “apology” reinforced my very reasonable belief that he was in receipt of the court proceedings and so could mount a defence should he choose to or hopefully see I’m only claiming for monies for mentoring and an event I never received and so refund me. I was not claiming a penny for the 11 months of mentoring I did receive.

Court Judgment

As Kris chose not to respond to the court claim including mounting a defence judgment was secured in my favour for the full amount claimed. As Covid-19 was raging away I decided not to try and enforce it for a while. In September 2020 when Covid was under control (for a while…) I emailed Kris requesting payment and if required I would be willing to take it in instalments.

Kris’ “Shock” at the Court Case

On 3rd September 2020 I emailed him to request he return the due funds. This turned into a rather long back and forward conversation. However you can find an unedited email log below…

View 3rd Sep to 2nd Nov 2020 Email Chain here >>

Kris’ 2nd October Reply

As the above email chain shows, he replied a month later on 2nd October 2020 claiming he never received the court documents and advised me monies were not anyway because many times over the years he had voluntarily gone over the 60 minute mark in mentoring sessions (something I never asked for nor did we ever agree that it was chargeable) and so he has since decided to gift himself the December 2018 mentoring monies that never took place to compensate for that… Yes, exactly.

He also stated that he was always happy to conduct The Dec 2018 sessions but as stated at the top of this webpage I was burnt out with his revised style and had no interest in redeeming them.

Bless him though, he went on to do his best to try and convince me this self-gifting approach was lawful. He also highly discouraged me from pursuing this matter any further saying “I would seriously reconsider this as it won’t stand in a court of law, it will only cost you money and there will be additional costs incurred, therefore wasting a lot of time, money and effort for both parties.”

He also stated: “It saddens me that you appear to have become and feel aggrieved over the last year and a half. Is this perhaps because, after you chose to step away from Mentorship with me in late 2018, you since felt hurt in some way by the reduction in the amount of time and attention I was able to share with you, outside of a mentoring relationship, in the months and year that followed?”

Which I must say I found very manipulative. As to me it’s trying to gaslight me and make me think I’m some wounded puppy who is unjustly taking legal action against him out of revenge/bitterness.

I “stepped back” from mentoring with him due to the pitch fest and yes I can say that I was rather disappointed by the 99% reduction of communication when I stopped pouring money into his bank account and learned the “you’re my little brother” talk was all a bunch of nonsense (more on the Lighthouse Love page >). But rest assured any “aggrievement” was down to the fact that my ex-mentor is giving me the run around & trying to rip me off with money that is morally & legally mine!

However in spite of the gaslighting and attempt to pocket money he had not earned he still wanted to try and re-ignite that brotherly love by ending the email with: “I still very much care for you“.

My 3rd October Reply

I replied the following day on the 3rd October 2020 and stated I was very surprised that he’d never heard about this court case before due to the perfect timing of his “apology” phone call and the fact that the court had not received that court documents back with a “moved on”, “not known at this address” or “undeliverable” status.

However I kept an open mind and requested a copy of the tenancy agreement for his new residence and if that showed that in March 2020 he was not living at the first address I would be happy to step aside and have the court case re-opened.

In my email I said: “its clear you have some points that you would like to bring to the Courts attention and so I would like you to have the opportunity to present them. Once it has been proven that you were not aware of this case you can be assured that I will not protest to any application to re-open it and will give you full opportunity to have your objections heard.”  You cannot get fairer then that.

Kris’ 23rd October Reply

Just 3 weeks later this time on 23rd October 2020 Kris emailed stating “as I have stated before I do not live there, nor did I live where when you sent your letter [Court documents]“. He did not follow through with my request and attach a copy of his current tenancy agreement showing that he lived at a new address nor suspiciously even reference this key request from my last email.

He also stated “I’m sorry you feel the need to stubbornly persist in this matter” as though it was wrong of me and I was being a nuisance asking he give me my money back… He also went onto state why I am not entitled to a refund in his eyes for mentoring sessions he never provided. As well as reminding me that he’d decided to gift himself the rest of my money and to get on board with that.

Further gaslighting came in via “The fact you haven’t given these logically coherent and inarguable points deeper consideration to see the reality here is disappointing but, sadly, not a surprise. It’s reminiscent of the flawed level of thinking and poor decision making you’ve unfortunately been prone to in the past.” I found “logically coherent and inarguable points” the most surprising I must say.

He also went onto reference poor business decisions that I had made up until August 2015 and in my view cynically try and use push an emotional hotspot / trauma for his own benefit even though there is no comparison between the two situations. All I was doing with Kris was standing up for myself and seeing though what from my point of view was clearly manipulative mind tricks.

But encase his point of back off was not made clearly enough he reinforced it by saying “if you carry on in life and business in that same vein, it’s very likely that sooner or later you‘ll find yourself in a similar position again. One that might cost you as greatly as before.. or god forbid, worse.” – Again my so called risky / unacceptable behaviour is getting my money back from Kris Deichler for mentoring and event tickets that he does not deny he never provided. Nothing more, nothing less.

Also acting as my guiding light I guess he said “I kindly urge you to put this matter to bed Rich” written as though he has my best interests at heart kind of way vs it being very, very good outcome for him if I do write this one off / let him pocket my cash.

He also went onto to say I was “deluding myself” to think that if you get 90% of the way through a 12 month mentoring package and you do not receive 1 month’s worth you should only pay for what the mentor provides. Clearly believing if the mentor charges for 12 months but provides 11 well that’s close enough so 100% of the money. 90% delivered 90% of the funds due was alien to him.

He also tried to give me a bizarre lesson on how the law & world works by saying: “A claim like this will never hold up legally because, if it were allowed to, it would immediately set a precedent that then threatened millions of businesses the world over that operate this way and that would be ridiculous, so it cannot go anywhere.” He then went onto say that if individuals started only paid for what they received “it would bankrupt entire industries and prevent them from running and no one is seriously going to even entertain such a possibility.” Once again trying his very best from my prospective in a warped way to try and get me to believe Courts and English Law are 100% on his side.

The email then ends with the bold assertion “I believe I have done everything and much more to honour and uphold my responsibilities here” followed by “I genuinely wish you well. Take care and kind regards, Kris“. Something I found had a subtle arrogance to it as though he considered he had succeeded in teaching this wally about how the law and the world works and he’s now signing off with an insincere “take care and kind regards” as though this pesky ex-mentee who’s asking for his cash back has been successfully deluded into believing he’s not entitled to it.

It certainly made me wonder how many other individuals / organisations / companies have been fobbed off with an approach that can be summarised as bluntly as: piss off, you aint getting a refund. Based on what started appearing on Reddit (details >) in 2021-22 I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few had swallowed this softly spoken guff and had given up trying to get their funds back.

My 23rd October Reply

In this short reply I asked him to confirm or deny whether he had any connection whatsoever with the address he’d received my birthday cards to in 2018 and 2019 and served court paperwork on. Including whether he had mail forwarding, collected the mail manually or if it was the residence of a friend who was still forwarding on his post. I also reminded him Royal Mail did not receive any letter back with a “not known at this address”, “gone away” or “moved on” status.

Kris’ 29th October Reply

He stated he did not live there. He did not confirm or deny he had Royal Mail forward on his mail or he knew who lived there / went round now and then to collect his post.

My First 2nd November Reply

This reply is almost a repeat of the circular argument we’ve been having. It also speaks of the law and where it stands how I disagree that I’m being unreasonable or “making the same mistakes again”. I also raise the ironic observation that what got me in hot water in 2015 with the authorities where I did not give refunds to whose requested it was precisely the “flawed thinking” approach that he was doing now! And so if anyone was putting out “negative energy” and attracting a shit storm and “making the same mistakes again” it certainly wasn’t me! The irony did tickle me a little bit.

View 2nd Nov to 28th Nov 2020 Email Chain here >>

My Second 2nd November Reply

In October 2020 I could see that we were getting nowhere and from my point of view he was never going to voluntarily refund my money so I applied to Kingston County Court for an order that requires the debtor to attend court and disclose their assets (income, savings, assets, inheritance etc). Off the back of that I could then determine which debt collection method was best to use.

In my second email on 2nd November 2020 I advised him of the court hearing he was required to attend including the time, date, location, what to bring etc. See the second email chain link above.

My 25th November Email

As I had not heard back from an email I had sent 23 days earlier advising him that he was required to attend Kington County Court on 8th December 2020 at 10am I sent him a reminder.

Kris’ 27th November Reply

Changing strategy to alleging ignorance to there being a Court order requiring him to refund me even though the second paragraph of my first email to him on 3rd September 2020 was…

“attached is a copy of the court order which was sent to your address around 8th April 2020 stating that a refund should be made for the December 2018 mentoring sessions that were not redeemed.”

with a PDF attachment of the Court Order attached, Kris nonetheless decided to lay into me.

In an eye rolling moment he chose to still cling onto the delusional belief that he/Lighthouse hold all the cards when it comes to a refund stating “Neither did you at any point seek to understand what the refund policy exists is at Lighthouse for such a claim“.

So in Kris’ world I should have said “Hey Kris, can I get a refund for 3 tickets of that event you never put on and the 1 months of mentoring you never provided?” and Kris would come back and say “Ah sorry mate, LIG don’t do refunds”. Followed by me going “Oh well not to worry then”. Still alien to him is the concept of you pay 100% for whatever you receive and 0% for what you don’t. Oi oi oi.

Further gaslighting garbage was him trying to tell me the consumer law in the UK around refunds is “given that companies in the UK are under no legal requirement to state or even display information about their returns and refunds policy. It is the obligation of the customer to seek this out if not known“. As if. Imagine buying a faulty or poorly made item that is not up to the task and being told by the retailer or supplier: Ah sorry mate, sold as seen or imagine booking a holiday, concert ticket, enrolling in a University course it being cancelled or partially provided then told soz no refunds.

To stop sleazy companies from operating in such a way the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013 make it clear that if you DO want to operate a strict “no refund” policy you need to make that statement boldly i.e. not buried in the terms and no a pre-ticked boxes on online forms (details >) plus you need their consent otherwise the default position is in favour of the consumer and they are in no way contracted into a refund policy you never told them about let alone never agreed to!

However to my utter disbelief he want onto say “please do not make statements that Lighthouse operates an “aggressive no refund policy”. On what do you base that given a complete lack of direct discovery on this?” – I mean. hmmm. What I’ve said again and again above I think abundantly proves that point however he was clearly shocked by my conclusion to the obvious.

The nonsense continued with “I have been told that by all accounts, seeing that the court has made this decision there is no available appeals process” and “It seems to me you have gone about this in quite the underhanded and one could even say cowardly manner” along with an assertion that my claim was “weak” by saying: “because you feared your case was weak and saw a better chance of success by more clandestine methods?

He also continued to double down on the address issue “I do not live at the address you used and so your claim must be against some other Kris Deichler and perhaps you ought to go there and seek answers from that person” and made a clear statement that he HAS a defence that needs the Courts consideration by saying: “we would have responded to the court similarly” followed by some gaslighting “Someone who avoids their responsibility does not embark on this level of thoroughness or expediency when and where required, nor people who have ‘lost their way‘.”

He then claimed that were the case defended and decided by a Judge in a court room there would have been no chance of it succeeding “No very serious legal issue could or ever would be concluded by such means“. He also asserted that I get great satisfaction in the fact the judgement was made in default by saying “it seems you are content to hide behind“. Then reinforcing his delusional belief that there is no way to appeal: “There has been no appeal opportunity given to me in this process“.

He has one final attempt to suggest that I am mentally ill by pursing my refund by saying “it sounds as if there are those very few who themselves have lost their way but prefer to project that outside themselves, rather than question the validity of their assertions.” The italics in this quote are his.

This email ended with just “Regards Kris“. No “I still care about you” or “take care“. Presumably because he could see I was not swallowing his guff since September 2020 and was pushing on with collecting on the money he was ordered to pay. To me the force of his replies stunk of desperation.

My 28th November Reply

I reminded him of the very convenient timing of his one and only out of the blue “apology” phone call and again stated it very strange that came on the day the paperwork arrived at the address he had received mail from for many years (I know, I know raising it again).

I also went through much of the above such as: It’s not a legal requirement to advise you of the refund policy at the time of purchase, I can tell you later and hold you to it nonsense plus many of the other points above.

I also advise him of the obvious that there would have been no point in discussing this refund situation endlessly. I wanted my cash back for what I didn’t receive and he remains adamant he wont be doing that and so it was abundantly clear the only way to resolve this was via the courts.

Willingness to Re-Open the Case

In that email I also made it abundantly clear I did not secure the judgement in an “underhanded” or “cowardly” way. I followed court protocol and used this current/last known address for the court to send him the details of the case and rubbished his baselessness allegations from a legal (let along moral point of view) and so I really struggled to see how a miscarriage of justice has occurred whatsoever. Even if it had continued to trial it would do nothing but delay the inevitable.

However see pages 5 to 7 of my email to him on 28th November 2020 where I remind him of my offer from 3rd October 2020 to step aside and allow the case to be re-opened once I had seen proof that he had moved address.

This time I basically say forget that, just show me your skeleton argument based on our agreement including emails, Whats App messages or even a verbal commitment were I agreed to his terms and simply reference the “no refund due” applicable laws he insists exist and I will step aside and work with him to get the court to re-open the case.

But just like never receiving a response to whether we should bring some objectivity to our dispute and attempt to repair our working relationship with the help of a qualified psychologist Kris never replied with ANY evidence of a no refund arrangement (not even a verbal one) nor ANY laws or regulations that supported his absurd position (no prizes for correctly guessing why…).

Not surprising to many I presume as the “legal team” that former mentees and partners of Lighthouse have been hearing about since Spring 2021 has continually been referred to but to date not a single person has received a letter from their lawyers, nor have they been contacted by the police for their “criminal trolling“. Further doubts about their “legal council” can be found here >

Enforcing the Judgement

As email records show I advised him of the Kingston County Court hearing to disclose his income, assets, bank statements etc on 2nd November 2020. With another email sent on 27th November 2020 reminding him that with the most basic evidence we can get the case re-opened / court judgement removed. Nothing arrived including no letter from the court saying Kris had applied to them to “Set the Judgement aside” which removes the CCJ and re-starts the case so it can proceed to trial with his defence (something he can do without my input or permission).

So whilst he had the easy ability and even my willing co-operation to assist him correct what he insisted was an injustice he chose not to re-open the case. This clearly speaks volumes to his true belief of his defence and the non-existence of many laws of the land that prove no refund is due.

Address on Bank Statements

The Creditor (my company in this case) of course receives copies of what he declared on the court form in terms of income, assets, bank accounts, savings etc on 8th December 2020. The Debtor is also required to provide at least 6 months worth of bank statements for their current account.

For data protection, privacy & fairness reasons I cannot publicly disclose what credits and debits I saw but what I can say is that even on Kris’ last banks statement which was part of Dec 2020 the bank had his home address as the same address that Kris was served court paperwork at!

According to the LIG article published in response to my Reddit comments Kris moved to a new address in September 2019 but when he attended Court on 8th December 2020 (14 months later) his primary bank had no record of this.

As we all know these days via a bank’s mobile app or their online portal they make it super easy to update your residential address without the need to upload any evidence you reside there and it can be done within minutes. I find it hard to believe if he did move 14 months prior he didn’t find 2-3 minutes to update his address. Furthermore not doing so can be a BIG inconvenience.

Why? Because as well all know one of the security provisions that many online retailers put in place when buying almost anything of value is that they’ll ONLY deliver x item to the address that is registered to the payment card so they can be sure it’s an authorized transaction. So even if the new address is only 5 minutes down the road from the old one many, many transactions would be blocked as the automated system simply has a yes/no response to an address match.

When confronted with the above Kris just said “I no longer live there”. My other question on whether he was still getting the post to his “old address” by manually going around and picking it up (being that he moved 5 minutes down the road) or if he had Royal Mail automatically re-divert it was, of course once again, ignored. Reinforcing the obvious he’d not been a victim of an injustice.

You are of course welcome to come to your own conclusion regarding the above but I think its clear to say that for myself I find it very… odd that someone’s mindset is I’m moving out on x day sod any post arrives after that I just don’t want to know or just bin it. I mean, what adult think’s like that!?

Writing to the Home Owner

Because he was being so vague and deflective I decided to pay the £3 on the Land Registry website (here >), find out who the landlord/landlady was and then write them a letter to see if I could gain some clarity on the situation and whether he was a good tenant or they were given the financial run around like me. So I did & received a letter back which has been quoted below word for word…

“Kris Deichler was here renting. I moved in after him and received lots of demands in his name. I would be very pleased if this could stop!!”

A lot of people/companies owed a lot of money. Very little for Kris to smile about if you ask me…

Zero Paid

Throughout the six years that I was mentored by Kris he would constantly stress the importance of a “high character” and to align yourself with success principles such as “fairness” and “being a highly responsible” person (Kris would even say that responsibility was his “favourite” principle) however as publicly available records confirm (details>) his Court Judgement remains entirely unpaid.

From my point of view he appears to be following the position of some of his “highly responsible” colleagues, several of which still have unpaid CCJ’s against them too (details >) as I even had my very generous offer of taking monthly instalments over years declined by Kris Deichler.

There is a saying in the LIG community that I’m sure many who have been involved for a while have heard which is: “You put money on the table, you find out who people really are”. Ahmen to that.

This whole episode really shines the bright light of reality on the substance of that as well as the LIG proclamation that Kris puts people and doing the right thing before money, that life is abundant and you should live your life in an affluent / glass half full way and that Karma’s a thing so be careful as “you reap what you sow“. Some very wise platitudes for sure. Easy to say, hard to live by.

If these were sincere beliefs why not do what was ordered by the courts and the right thing which is pay the monies to myself and others (details>) which are legally and morally due?

Offer to Re-Open the Case STILL Stands

For the avoidance of any doubt my offer to re-open the Court Case STILL stands. Even in 2022 I am willing to to have the court judgement removed and the matter to proceed to trial with a Judge resolving this. If Kris Deichler wants his day in court he is welcome to it and always has been.

In fact I think it would be a great idea as sooooo much talk on Reddit posts (here >) about ex-mentees and partners saying they are entitled to a refund with LIG strongly denying this calling it strangely an “illegal refund” and baiting these individuals with “Why don’t you take us to court?!”.

So it would be fantastic to get a highly trained impartial judge well versed in English law to show us all where the chips really fall. Is the lack of contracts, receipts, invoices and charging for mentoring sessions and an event that was never arranged lawful and truly non-refundable?

And does an “oh by the way, no refunds” statement never stated at the time the transaction took place compliant with English Law? Or like every other company in the land does Lighthouse / the mentor need to advise them and gain their permission for this to be lawful? (further reading here >)

Furthermore I would be more than happy to purchase and publish the transcript of this court hearing capturing what Kris the Judge and myself say word for word and of course as it would be held in open court then anyone who is that interested is welcome to come and watch.

Whilst a “Set Aside Order” typically costs £275 with the co-operation of the Creditor/Claimant (my company in this case) it is significantly reduced to just £115 (details >) Proof below…

No Deadline

There can also be no argument that to much time has passed for a set aside order to be successful. As you can see from this divorce case here > This judgement was set aside a full 12yrs after judgement was entered on the same basis. The wife claims she was never aware of the proceedings.

Transparency Pledge

Therefore there can be no reasonable argument that it was not possible / to expensive a process. And finally to prove that I am sincere with the above I give permission now for Kris to publicly make available any document received from the Court that shows that I am challenging or frustrating having this case re-opened in anyway. I can assure I will do no such thing but wanted to say that so any doubters can see I am sincere with the above and open to full transparency throughout.

Gas Lighting or Sincerity

So in summary I have laid out an easy, painless and inexpensive way to have this court case re-opened and the matter resolved on the evidence and law by an impartial County Court Judge. Time will tell whether Kris Deichler is sincere in his defence to this claim and truly believes I am entitled to nothing or he was just trying to B.S. his way out of paying his dues. I write this at the start of February 2022 but will keep this web page up to date with any new developments.

Note to Kris Deichler Colleagues/Mentees

So there you have it. The reality is not quite the polished and victim orientated version that I’m sure Kris has told you: Richard was not due a refund, he issued court proceedings against my old address, I knew nothing about it, had no way to appeal, he only won on a technicality, no judge would have sided with him. I’m a victim of injustice due to Richard’s “cowardly” and “underhanded ways”.

Therefore I do hope whether you’re a colleague or mentee that you take a moment to appreciate Kris Deichler’s incredible communication and influence skills and how I think, has been repeatedly shown above in addition to being used for good they can & have been used to manipulate, gaslight & distort reality in his favour. Not in a life or death situation, over a bill of less then £1500 quid ffs.

Skills used against me and so they can be or perhaps are currently being used against you…

I also hope you will also give thought to the inconsistencies of the values he teaches / claims to live by vs those actually lived by when the pressure is on. Being responsible, living by reality and not trying to warp it, being someone of high character, putting the relationship first, living in an abundant & affluent way and generally being honest were all notably absent from my prospective.

And finally if you’re a Lighthouse colleague and this article and others on this website upset you, you know who to thank. For I was inspired to launch this website after being given the run around for my refund, gaslighted, threatened with legal action for privately sharing my thoughts and feelings with other ex-mentees, having an irrelevant headache from my past raised, being called mentally ill and finally, insulted with a £0 per month re-payment plan. Cause and effect chaps.

Update: March 2022

On 15th March 2022 I found out my “big brother” has formerly ended our relationship. As he has recently un-friended me on Facebook. A truly sad day. I’ll get my violin out.


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