About Kris Deichler


Kris Deichler is a former Estate Agent who in his late twenties and early thirties started feeling unfulfilled on where his life was going and so began taking part in events hosted by Lighthouse International Group as well as undertaking 121 mentoring sessions provided by LIG. At some point in mid 2012 Kris paid what is believed to be £25,000 to “buy in” to the Lighthouse business.

What he received for this money is unclear as he proudly states to this day that he doesn’t need a formal certificate saying he now has x% of shares in the business and is now a co-owner or see any need to be seen as much by Companies House & HMRC. This is because he says transactions at Lighthouse are done on “trust”.  To this day he remains confident his £25k was/is an “investment“.

What the £25,000 did give him though was access to the inner circle at LIG which includes daily meetings, brainstorming and the ability to use the title “Associate Partner” within the business.

At the same time Kris Deichler (not Chris Deichler) quit his job as an Estate Agent, broke up with his girlfriend and moved to Weybridge in South West London to live in one of the many house-shares living with others who are involved with the Lighthouse International Group business.

His income would solely rely on income generated from 121 mentoring sessions and his share of the monies generated from any LIG programmes/courses/events it charged individuals or businesses.

Business Model

Whilst LIG offers one to one mentoring/coaching/counselling sessions to individuals it’s primary business model is closet to a multi-level marketing (MLM) one. More details here >


Whilst since 2012/3 Kris has used the titles mentor/coach/counsellor he does not hold any qualifications in these fields. He has not studied business, psychology or leadership etc at University. As a mentee between 2013-18 he would almost look down on such qualified coaches and mental health professionals as they were to focused on “techniques” & “lost in their mind”.

Instead Kris Deichler and his other colleagues at Lighthouse International Group who offer mentoring services are proudly self-taught with foundation of their teaching being Steven Coveys’ “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” book, works by spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle and ironically renowned psychiatrist Scott Peck. Other materials that Kris holds in high regard are found here >


Details on last known pricing can be found here >

Refund Policy

Kris Deichler does not believe in refunds even when he has charged a client for mentoring services or an event that never took place. However the client is not advised nor agrees to this policy at the time of entering the contract. Because of this our relationship ended with a court case. Details >

Current Success

Financial success and a return on his £25,000 investment at Lighthouse International Group has yet to materialise for Kris Deichler as for over 10yrs the Lighthouse business continues to have ongoing issues with monetising and their growing the courses/training/mentoring services.

As one former client expands in detail on here >, programmes come and then get shelved before a new flavour of the month is launched. Some are upset to learn afterwards there are no refunds. Details here >

Whilst a comment on that post by a Lighthouse International Group partner/supporter claims everything asserted has been “discredited” when you read their response on LIG’s community website as a follow up Reddit user correctly states (user: _Richter_Belmont_) , LIG provided a very vague response and do not debunk each accusation one by one whatsoever.

In another article on the LIG website, Kris Deichler states that finances have been so tight he has had to “live like a student” for many years. Even with the absence of financial success for his organisation and himself personally he is still content on positioning himself as a business coach/mentor and willing to train and teach others how to be successful and become wealthy.

From what I understand he still has the deep belief that success in life is overwhelmingly done to one’s education, character, habits and outlook and that external success such as a profitable business, large net worth, big house etc basically fall into place when all this is optimised. Matters such as finding a gap in the market, having a patent, exclusive distribution deal, being the inventor of a unique and valuable product are almost seen as an after thought to success.

If this is how life worked then someone who had dedicated 10yrs of their life to their character, ego, education, outlook, network, discipline, habits ++ like Kris has would be a multi-billionaire by now. The limited fruits over a decade suggest there is more to financial success then that…


He is so confident in his position that he would routinely say that he expects to become a multi-billionaire and that his aspiration is that Lighthouse International Group becomes so large that it makes the Apple company (recently valued at $3 trillion) look like a “chip shop” in comparison.

When I stepped away from 121 mentoring in December 2018 due to a relentless pitch fest of new “opportunities” (ways to give him / his organisation more money) and another good friend mentored by someone else in LIG did the same a few months later Kris asserted that we had “lost our way” seemingly showing that it appears that in his mind “the way” is to invest £25k, join the multi-level marketing business Lighthouse International Group, mentor others and help them launch their programmes. Cleary in his mind, there was no other way to success and happiness for us…

Kris Deichler Reviews

Whilst Kris welcomes positive reviews of his mentoring services and of the Lighthouse International Group reviews that are not glowing are highly discouraged. In Autumn 2020 when I stated that a good friend and I who had stepped away were having private discussions about our much to be desired departure from LIG I was advised by Kris via email to cease all such private conversations otherwise their “legal council” may “sue us” for slander & loss of earnings!

This was a private conversation, the content of which he had no idea about but decided that such a threat was appropriate and presumably not bullying. Further information on how LIG deal with articles/posts/comments they do not approve of and the techniques they use can be found here >


When I started sharing my experience with Kris Deichler in December 2021 on this Reddit post >> in a follow up article Kris said I was an “internet troll“. One widely accepted definition of an internet troll is: “Trolls are people who leave intentionally provocative or offensive messages on the internet in order to get attention, cause trouble or upset someone“.

I think it’s clear to any objective person I was just sharing my experience vs doing ANY of the above. But feel free to read my comments (user: rjhoward1986) and make your own mind up. You can find the precise Reddit comments here >

Family Estrangement

Kris Deichler admitted publicly via an article in December 2021 that he is estranged from his family and for the second year in a row he would not be visiting them for Christmas nor coming home to celebrate his brothers 40th birthday. He stated he considers them to be mentally ill (narcisitical), has very little to do with them anymore and considers his colleagues/friends at LIG his family.

I was also accused by Kris of being mentally ill (pathological) when I tried to address things that were not working in our mentee/mentor relationship. In my 11 page letter where I shared my thoughts and feelings I suggested it would serve us to seek third party assistance from a qualified psychologist to help us see where the reality was. My offer was never taken up even though I made it clear I would let him choose the mental health professional and even pay for our session/s.

A commentator on the Reddit website who Kris later identified to be his sister stated that for 10yrs the Deichler family have been incredibly concerned that Kris has been brainwashed and joined a cult and that year on year out he would come home at Christmas financially broke but confident the next Lighthouse International Group programme would be the big money maker.

This comment from this Reddit post was publicly identified by Kris Deichler to be his sister…

Intimidated Sister

The above comment was posted in the middle of 2021. As his sibling stayed active in the Reddit community with others concerned about LIG / Paul Waugh in January 2022 she posted a very worrying & creepy message. The below screen shot of the comment is taken from this post >