Lighthouse International Court Judgements

One concerning issue first raised by the “Questioning Lighthouse International Group” website (article here >) is that based on publicly available information through the Ministry of Justices’ shows that a number of senior officials at Lighthouse International Group (LIG) have a number of unpaid Court Court Judgements against them. One as high as £12,276.

The Lighthouse International Group partnership also has one against it for £902 from June 2019 however years later it remains unpaid. Details below from the search conducted in February 2022…

Uncontested Claims

Each one of the court judgements that I have seen has been issused by the “County Court Business Centre”. This means that the LIG mentor or the partnership did not issue a defence to the claim.

As anyone with half a brain knows having a County Court Judgement (also known as a CCJ) against yourself personally or your business decimates your credit score and makes not just gaining access to finance much harder and more costly it also says a lot about your financial trustworthiness…

Not to mention the fact that should judgement be against you in a County Court the costs will be far higher then the amount claimed. You will likely to be ordered to refund the Claimant for the cost of opening the case, the hearing fee, pay interest at 8% per year from the date the monies were due and possibly even be ordered to refund their train fare to and from court.

The logical conclusion as to why the LIG recipients did not mount a defence for the monies claimed was that they had no viable defence and/or did not deny the monies were owed.

However you would expect a defence to be mounted and/or negotiations to take place behind the scenes to at least try and avoid unnecessary surcharges and maybe even agree a reduced figure.

No Intention of Paying?

From my prospective the only reason that time and again court cases were just ignored with judgement being issued against the LIG mentors due to no complying with a response / defence is the obvious one in that there was no intention to refund the client their monies or paying their bill (as the details of the Claimant are not provided it’s impossible to tell whether these are claims from former LIG mentees or from others i.e. a former landlord/utility company/friend claiming monies).

So with this game plan, who cares if extra costs are incurred by the Claimant desperately trying to get their money back or if ongoing interest of 8% per year is added to the money the court orders paying because it’s just numbers on paper. The cheque book is never coming out anyway.

In my opinion this was Kris Deichler’s strategy when I issued court proceedings to secure monies back for the 1 month of mentoring and event he charged for but never hosted (full story here >). I am sure he was aware he had no viable defence and now I believe he had/has no intention of ever refunding me regardless of it being the right thing to do and what the court ordered.

As publicly available information confirms, Kris Deichler was ordered by the County Court to refund me for the above monies in April 2020. Because Covid was running rampant then I waited until October 2020 before requesting he settle it. I even offered to accept monthly instalments over years to clear the debt. He refused and did not even offer £1 a month. He offered £0.

Magic Six Year Mark

As anyone who collects County Court Judgements (CCJ’s) as a hobby knows, the court orders expire after 6yrs from the date of Judgement and so if a debtor was ordered to refund a client £10,000 in May 2020 and the creditor was unable to get them to pay by April 2026 it would be void / written off from then onwards. Meaning yes, the Debtor can legally get away without paying a penny.

Questioning Lighthouse International Group originally performed these CCJ checks in Spring 2021 and I re-did the checks in February 2022 and can see that the same unsatisfied judgements and the same amounts remain. No £ amount has been reduced. If they had been it would show that a payment plan was in place and the right thing was being done, paying what they could towards it.

Therefore the middle finger seems to be given to the courts and the poor sod who is owed their money back or supplier who has their bill unpaid, As the strategy appears to be waiting for the 6yr clock to run down so they can legally wriggle out of paying ANYTHING leaving the creditor with £0.

Living “Highly Responsible Lives”

As anyone who has been involved with Lighthouse for even a short period will know LIG claims that a key pillar of their organisation is “taking responsible for ones life“. In fact Kris Deichler often said that responsibility was his “favourite” principle. “Putting the relationship first” is another Lighthouse hallmark yet neither seem to apply when some have been ordered by a court to give x individual their money back / pay their bill to x supplier. Apparently financial responsibility is not a thing…


As already stated the above relates to a number of senior LIG mentors not all of them. I am sure not every individual has unpaid court judgements against them and am not implying they all do.

Validity of the Above

If anyone has any doubts about the validity of the above and/or would like assistance performing the same publicly available checks that others and I have performed to confirm that the above is accurate please feel free to contact me here > Also feel free to read up on

October 2022 Update

I have re-checked all the county court judgements mentioned above (some 6 months after this article was written) and am disappointed to report that none of the court judgements have been paid off and there is no indication that a payment plan of even a modest £20 per month is in place as the amounts due remain at 100% of the court awarded total on each and every CCJ.