Lighthouse International Group Trolling

Since early 2021 comments from ex Lighthouse International Group mentees, partners, concerned family members and friends have been appearing on the website Reddit (details >).

From my experience and based on the that of others Lighthouse International Group have a very low tolerance for criticism and they and their supporters have pushed back hard against those who have spoke out.

I posted 3 comments on the main Reddit thread related to Lighthouse International Group here > (my user name: rjhoward1986) in December 2021 and was promptly labelled an “internet troll” by my former mentor Kris Deichler.

Am I a “Troll”?

It’s a term that Lighthouse International Group appears to bestow on anyone who does not praise them to the high heavens.

But a “troll” according to the Malicious Communications Act states that “trolling” is “Any person who sends a letter, electronic communication or article of any description to a person that conveys a message that is indecent or highly offensive, a threat or false information” yet at all times including, on this website I have simply been sharing my story, point of view and not anonymously either.

In fact in Kris Deichler’s response to my comments he did not outline a single statement I made that was factually incorrect.

In a further article posted on LIG’s “community” website with the flattering phrase “Dear Criminal Trolls” the Lighthouse author quotes 77 comments on Reddit from other sites who they claim are inaccurate/defamatory/illegal comments (article here >) yet nothing I said made the list. Alas.

Furthermore if everything I say is factually correct AND I use my real name how can I be a troll?

I am sharing my experience, keeping it factual, have not been accused of saying anything defamatory and so by definition the “troll” label clearly does not apply. If any label applies by putting my name out there I’m a more “the man in the arena” under LIG / Theodore Roosevelt talk (details >).

It seems to be the same approach that rogue governments use to label those they do not like. Such States refer to these undesirables as “terrorists” so its easier to rally people around them. The position being there are two sides. Our side, the “good guys” and the terrorists. Make your choice.

Are LIG Respondents “Trolls”?

One thing that really fascinates me is that Lighthouse International Group articles label every single person who speaks out against it online as a “troll” yet not a single respondent on Reddit from Lighthouse International Group whether that be an mentor or supporter/client uses their real name.

They criticise others for “hiding” behind user names yet they do the same thing! The irony of me being called a “troll” when LIG respondents are hiding in the shadows does not escape me.

Lighthouse head mentor Paul Stephen Waugh asserts posting anonymous comments online should be banned by law and considers it “cowardly” yet his colleagues and clients of his own business do not publish their names when responding to posts and “hide” behind aliases / user names.

Lighthouse Response

The response from Lighthouse since the early days of 2021 can best be described as outrage.

Those who were publicly sharing their experience with others were contacted and told that they are “expected” to keep quite when leaving LIG (unless they have entirely positive things to say) but when people continued to exercise their right of freedom of speech were threatened by being advised they may be sued, go to jail and that LIG would try ruin their career / get them fired from their job (expanded on later).

Kris Deichler Legal Threats

In November 2020 when I advised Kris that myself and ex-mentees were privately sharing of our much to be desired departure from LIG he emailed back saying such negative talk must cease immediately otherwise Lighthouse International Groups’ legal team may take us all to court!

A quote from an email he sent me on 27th November 2020 is…

I also want to mention, is that you have expressed to me about your discussions and association with several other people who have all since become ex-clients of Lighthouse, following their involvement with you and for which you could potentially be held liable for slandering the reputation of the company and held accountable for the associated costs and losses as a result. We are currently considering investigating this matter and handed this over to our legal counsel.

I responded the following day on 28th November 2020 with…

Wow so our relationship has hit a new low. Threats. I firmly request that you do not go down that path any further and that you think about what energy and statements you put out there as if you pick up one end of the stick….

Furthermore on a lighter note, just so I’m clear and as you present yourself as very well versed with the law, if I did have private conversations with LIG survivors and it has not always been 100% positive you are saying we are liable/guilty of holding an opinion you do not like?! and that means your company should receive compensation for that?!

In regards to the associated “costs and losses” can you point to these? Which article, blog post, statement to the media, Facebook group are you referring to that has caused this? What sales or reputation has been lost due to these private conversations and more importantly, what was said?

As someone who always encourages others to “do their discovery” and “question your thoughts” do you not find it incredibly foolish and arrogant to label all of those who have left the LIG sphere to have “lost their way”. How do you know what has been said or whether they are happy with their lives?

Not everyone’s goal is to live like a pauper in their 40’s, house share, be single and build a multi-level marketing company that for 20yrs has still not left the launching pad. It’s great you now have 44 franchisees, I’m very happy for you, but clearly the other 49,956 clearly had other goals or perhaps they “have lost their way” too…

I also hope you will take time to look at the fact that successful companies that stand the test of time keep their clients satisfaction front row centre with refunds, replacements and in welcoming feedback. It is only unsuccessful companies and cults that attempt to control the narrative by suppressing peoples points of view with legal action.

With that being said please do forward me the details of your “legal council” (presuming they exist) as I want to ensure that I stay on the right side of the law and am very curious to know what I have said, done or otherwise that may potentially lead to LIG seeking compensation from me.

Baseless Bullying

It was clearly just bullying as I never received a reply or details of what the ex-mentees and I said behind closed doors, what laws we had broken, what losses he incurred nor did I receive the contact details of the swanky pants “legal council” that LIG has.

This is eerily familiar to many others experiences in February 2021 + of what appears to be phantom “legal team”. Details >

Dating to Legal Threats

It would appear I was not the only one ordered to keep my mouth shut.

One former mentee who says he was in a romantic relationship with a mentor said when he stopped paying for sessions claims “she wanted nothing more to do with me” was told to immediately stop sharing his experience on websites such as Reddit otherwise LIG’s “legal council” may take action against him! Details >

To me being incredibly sensitive about what others say about you, your organisation or your leader and threating to sue to supress the narrative is a unquestionably a very cult like behaviour.

Legal Threats

As 2021 went on the heat was turned up and it was made clear to those commenting on Reddit and elsewhere that they should stop immediately but as people were not doing what they were told Lighthouse International Group claimed it had commissioned a law firm to advise them on what to do next. LIG made it clear this was not one lawyer but a “team” of high class lawyers.

They also made it clear they intended to find out the identity of those commenting and not just sue them civilly for money but try and have them charged by the police! Based on the ongoing propaganda from LIG community website not only were these individuals damaging the reputation of LIG and those behind it but what they were doing was “criminal“.

LIG regularly state in their articles that “criminal charges are pending“. Although for even those with a limited understanding of the law knows firstly a report is made to the police and if they deem it a potential crime then a Crime Reference Number is issued. Should it be deemed serious enough the police will then arrest the individual/s and bring them in for questioning.

If the police are confident a crime may have been committed then they would refer the matter to the Crown Prosecution Service to weigh up the evidence and decide whether (1) there is enough evidence to reasonably expect a conviction (2) it’s in the public interest to pursue the matter. Obviously no individual or company can snap their fingers and just issue criminal proceedings.

There seems to be a reluctance to share the Crime Reference Number. This may be due to (1) they’re unable to get one as the police force they reported it to has refused to log their report as “criminal” instead seeing it as a civil dispute or (2) They have one but are unwilling to share it to prevent those reported from contacting the police officer assigned the case & prove nothing they are doing is against the law. This of course could quickly lead to the investigation being closed & so remove the fear/intimidation tactic of “criminal proceedings are pending” from the LIG arsenal.

Racist / Abusive Messages

Lighthouse International Group continually points to racist and abusive messages made against it. However they refer to a single racist comment made by a single idiot who has since had his since had his comment and account deleted (proof >).

Furthermore moderators who are no LIG fans seem to be doing a very good job at weeding out harmful content as shown here > and here > as well as archiving them should LIG wish to report them to the police or take civil legal action.

You’re Either With us or Against Us

However rather than respond in proportion and making it clear there was 1 racist commentator and a handful of abusive commentators who have since had their comments deleted, accounts banned and are long gone Lighthouse International Group has in my view cynically created two sides to this situation. You’re either on “our side” and think LIG is fantastic in every way, here to take care of children, provide clean water to the world and the “other side” who are against us. No middle ground. Y’all a bunch of racists, trolls and trying to tear us down & we’re victims seems to be the narrative.


In April 2021 someone went ahead & launched which was launched for those who have questions about LIG and for friends and family members of those involved who have concerns about Lighthouse International Group and/or it’s leader Paul Waugh.

In late August 2021 someone at Lighthouse International Group went ahead and registered a very similar domain name: for a while the domain went to a template coming soon website. It wouldn’t surprise me if the original plan was to mimic the independent support website with glowing reviews and muddy the waters.

However if that was the plan things seems to have changed as you will find when clicking on the link it takes you to Lighthouse’s in-house propaganda website. A website where only LIG mentors and their happy clients are allowed to comment on each others posts. Telling each other how awesome they are. No one else is allowed to have an account / make a comment.

That’s hardly much better as people using a search engine and using the term “Questioning Lighthouse International Group” are clearly looking for independent points of view not an LIG owned website where Lighthouse has complete editorial control.

If You Can’t Attack the Message Attack the Messenger

Kris Deichler could not get out of the fact that he has tried to rip me off and charge me for mentoring sessions and an event he never provided and so instead of admitting that or showing evidence that I was not due the monies back he tried to wear the “victim” hat regarding the court case that we had (details >) and attack my past even though it had absolutely nothing to do with my complaint, how our relationship ended or my Lighthouse International Group experience.

Further Muddying of the Waters

In this Reddit post > where someone deeply involved with Lighthouse broke down his journey over many years through the business a LIG respondent replied saying “The people writing these posts and supporting them are being totally discredited” with a link to the article below (currently the top comment on the article) however a follow up comment by user: _Richter_Belmont_ who read their article where apparent rebuttals were being made responded by basically saying: huh, where are the rebuttals? You don’t address a single accusation. See for yourself here >

Mental Health Diagnosis 

For good measure it would appear that anyone who makes a comment about LIG that those in the organisation do not like are instantly labelled as mentally ill / pathological / narcissistic.

Kris Deichler has already said that based on my Reddit posts I am “pathological” and that he hopes I get the help I need. Cute. You can read my 3 comments (user: rjhoward1986) that led Kris, (someone who has had no formal mental health training) to come to this conclusion here > Decide for yourself on whether they are fair comments about my experience or words of a crazy person…

Furthermore as mentioned on this page > myself and others cannot find any evidence that anyone at Lighthouse has undergone formal and recognised psychology or counselling training and so is able to come from a recognised and respected place to diagnose mental illness.

In addition to that you would be right to consider it absurd and the sign of an arrogant amateur for someone to read a handful of comments online and confidentially diagnose them with a mental illness from afar.

Let alone first speaking to / meeting them first for goodness sake! I haven’t met or spoken to Kris Deichler since Summer 2019 yet over 2.5 years later yet he is clearly very confident in not just my diagnosis but on all the others (many who he has never even met) as “pathological” too.

Their “Legal Advice”

In late 2021 a follow up post from Lighthouse International Group stated that they had received “legal advice” that they should just allow those who were saying things they did not like just to get on with it as they would reveal themselves as narcissists, liars and they would criminally incriminate themselves.

This “legal advice” could also though be interpreted as: people are entitled to their own views, they have freedom of speech and so there is nothing you can do about it. However it was framed in a we’re choosing to let this continue fashion as though this was some kind of strategy.

Zero Legal Letters

Unsurprising to most who have monitored the situation for over a year now through Reddit (here>) not a single cease and desist letter or court claim for damages has been sent to anyone.

No-one has been criminally charged or even arrested and thankfully most individuals have not be intimidated by these empty threats and continue to freely share their experience as a client or former partner at Lighthouse International Group (not always negative) on Reddit & other websites.

Costing Complainants Their Job

With the keep your mouths shut or we’ll sue you and you’ll likely go to jail you criminal troll threats not working for hopefully all (although sadly, some may have been intimated by them) in December 2021 Lighthouse International Group hit a new low by changing tactics and decided that they would attempt to strong arm the complainants by writing letters to their employers…

You can also see a longer post from another LIG representative (user: WhatisUndertheBridge) as the 2nd comment on this post > they gloat that they have advised their employer that they engaging in “criminal activity” and are bullying and posting falsehoods about Lighthouse.

The obvious intention here is to either have them lose their job or receive a severe reprimand and of course what they really want which is for them to remove their online comments and never post anything negative about Lighthouse International Group ever again. The LIG representative states (here >) to these individuals “this not merely a one off letter to employers” and so Lighthouse International Group are confirming that they will keep the pressure on until comments of their experience are removed, new ones cease or they’re sacked. Wow, just wow.

It’s down to you to decide whether this strategy is fair game or underhanded. LIG have consistently stated they value “fairness” and have mentioned many times that such disputes need settling in court by an impartial Judge who can decide what is fair comment and what is defamation/slander/criminal and address where financial redress (if any) is required and to whom. Yet if LIG truly believed that why take this approach? which I personally consider despicable.

Warning to Future LIG Leavers

Furthermore it’s clear to me that they wanted to send our a message to others who have left or leave in the future that they’ll receive the same treatment should they not keep their narrative positive. Not just by being accused of “losing their way” and being mentally ill but their future career may well be in jeopardy should LIG decide to try and strong arm their employer as well.

Bizarre Responses

It seems that once it was obvious that people continued to exercise their freedom of speech and share their Lighthouse experience publicly without giving into the empty legal threats made by LIG they decided to try a few new and… I’d say unique approaches in late 2021 and early 2022…

For one an Associate Elect started making a wide range of worrying comments that those who were sharing their experience and asking questions about Lighthouse International Group saying they were “evil”, “murderous” and “criminal” among other things. Details here >>

Then in January 2022 the Head Mentor at LIG who it is claimed by a former Associate Partner claims to be a highly conscious “level 4 mystic communal” (here > and explanation >) published a 50 second video using his mobile phone on YouTube titled: “Online trolls are narcissists who murder children“. The video found here > starts with “A daughter was 11yrs old, she committed suicide because of this anonymous online stuff. To an 11yr old girl. This is who you are? You’re proud of that?

I have to say that after reading the Reddit forum relating to LIG now (here >) and then for over a year now this has to be the most bizarre response I’ve seen. To avoid any doubt there is of course no 11yr old girl involved in the dispute between some former LIG clients who are not happy with how the business dealt with them and the LIG faithful.

This is further evidenced by “A daughter was…” so tragically yes somewhere, at some point in quite likely another country some poor 11yr old could well have sadly ended her own life after online bullying from fellow school kids.

However the tragedy of this poor child has nothing to do with one group of adults upset with another group of adults. But the implication which as reinforced remarkably boldly by one Associate (here >), repeated on the LIG community website and in the title of Paul Waugh’s video (again here >) of “Online trolls are narcissists who murder children” is in my opinion saying those who do not praise their LIG experience are the same as child murderers!. Yes, you read that right…

It is also stated in the video that those with grievances are not posting online to share their experience but are “damaging the humanity” of those within LIG and that “we will catch you“. It seems clear to me that this videos assertion to child murderers, the threats mentioned here and elsewhere, the so called “criminal” aspect to those sharing their LIG experience is nothing more then an intimidation & gas lighting  (explanation here >) exercise to get at least some to shut up.

Goodness knows who would be daft enough to start believing they’re a child murderer, criminal, mentally ill or evil for sharing their experience but I guess there’s no harm in putting it out to see if a few ex-mentees, partners or Reddit users can be intimidated or shamed into silence.

Offer to Meet Paul Waugh

In late 2021 Lighthouse International Group posted an article saying that they are inviting any unhappy Lighthouse client, partner and their friends and family to meet their CEO Paul Waugh. The fact that he lives in Southampton and that some family members would understandably be uneasy visiting someone they consider to be a leader of a cult in his home was not addressed by LIG.

The article (here >) encourages the reader to ask “what does it say about their pathology?” if they are unwilling or perhaps unable to travel to Southampton to meet their leader at his home. In other words suggesting that if you don’t take us up on this offer you’re admitting you’re mentally ill and of course if they can convince the reader of that, it makes the argument of: why take anything else they say about their LIG seriously? sooooo much easier to sell. Another clear example of the LIG strategy of attack the messenger not the message. My full article on this proposal to meet here >

The “invitation” to meet in person was warmly received but just not on the terms LIG tried to impose. At least one active member from the Reddit community contacted LIG and made it clear that a number of individuals would be happy to meet at a neutral location and have the meeting arranged by a third party (details >).

This offer was proposed in December 2021. As of March 2022 no response from LIG has been received. However they repeatedly state that the offer to meet Paul Waugh at his Southampton home is still open and continue to assert that if this single offer on their terms is not accepted complainants are basically admitting to LIG and the world they’re mentally ill.

Parents Against Trolls & Trolling

Another response into the so called “trolling” of Lighthouse International Group is that they set up “Parents Against Trolls & Trolling” (PATT) which at this time appears to be a page on their website.

LIG announced bizarrely via a comment on a Reddit post of all places that 126 corporate clients (during the Christmas week) came back to them have agreed to publicly put their name to this new LIG “initiative”. To this day they have yet to identify a single corporate sponsors name nor did they release details of the first “Business Against Trolls and Trolling Global Summit” in the first week of January as promised. Some are already doubting the sincerity & legitimacy of the project (here >).

According to one former “Associate Partner” at Lighthouse who was involved with the business until the middle of 2021 he states that 4/5 associates at LIG were single and not parents and says he is surprised that they mentoring children. “Where did all these children come from?” he asks here > 

This we need to “save the children” from these evil “online trolls” may at first seem very bizarre considering as mentioned above these disputes are one set of adults upset at another set of adults with it absolutely nothing to do with children.

However it does make sense to me from a manipulative strategic point of view as from my personal point of view it seems to be saying to others: hey we’re obviously the good guys here, trying to protect children from online abuse. If you’re against us you’re against not just parents but children too. You don’t hate children do you?

One Associate Partner who was receiving criticism from a former mentee who felt ripped off responded by saying “he’s trying to undo all of the work I’ve done with children!“. Whilst another considers the initiative nothing more then an attempt to muddy the waters (post here >).

The exact same approach is used when Lighthouse speak of those who have had a bad experience with the business. Rather then just refer to them as a former client / mentee the label being used is not just a “troll” (which explained above is not a flattering term) but CRIMINAL troll.

So when someone approaches LIG with concerns of what they’ve read about them online LIG can use this term to frame the individual in prospects mind in this way even before discussing the content of their complaint. “Oh you read up about John’s experience with LIG, he’s a criminal troll dont cha know“.

Speaking of bizarre responses the below was posted in relation to Parents Against Trolls & Trolling (PATT) find the post here >. It probably wont surprise you to hear that Reddit users: Curiosityandthecat99 and CareerSuicideMaybe have both had their accounts suspended by Reddit for either being fake accounts and/or posting spammy or abusive comments. Perhaps all three!

Un-bloody-believable I’m sure you’d agree. Not only have we had those who speak of their not so perfect experience with Lighthouse International Group referred as “trolls”, compared to people who are mentally ill, what I thought was the absolute low: child murderers but there was lower still as these two Lighthouse supporters try and compare this former mentee to a paedophile!

Plus I’m sure the Reddit name “CareerSuicideMaybe” did not escape you with the not so subtle message of, do you really want to keep sharing your Lighthouse experience publicly? Really?…

Parents Against Cults

Lighthouse were not done with launching new “campaigns” though. “Parents Against Cults” was also announced in December 2021.

However this remains but a webpage 3 months later and looks suspiciously like an internal project and just there as a brilliant come back from anyone who says “Oh I read online that you may be a cult” as the response can now be “Oh we have a campaign against cults so how can we be a cult if we’ve got this “campaign” showing we despise them?” Clever stuff no?

As you have no doubt seen by the theme of many of the Lighthouse posts on Reddit (here >) some are confident that Lighthouse International Group is a “cult” with others questioning that premise. Since 2019 LIG has taken a religious turn and it’s said the CEO Paul Waugh openly shares that he was a former Jehovah’s Witness (details >) however they vehemently deny being a cult.

Drown Out the Critics

The second to last strategy used in the late 2021 and into 2022 appears to be one to drown out the critics so when people such as yourself perform an internet search for Lighthouse International Group you see as much as possible what they want you to see.

Their profile had zero reviews until October 2021 when one review was posted. Then over just a few days in November 2021 thirteen other reviews came in. All 4 and 5 stars naturally (link here >). Seven reviews appeared in quick succession on the Glass Door website too (details >).

And finally a whopping 18 reviews appeared on Google Reviews in the middle of January 2022 over the space of just a few days. From zero to 18. You can see them here > Again all naturally five stars.

Obviously I’m not saying there is anything sinister about any company wanting their potential clients/customers finding only positive things about them online. I mean which company wouldn’t want that? however as you will see from the names of those who are writing the reviews (the same individuals have posted their review on multiple websites) I would say 90% come from names I recognise as mentors at Lighthouse International Group. Yes, people who work for the business rating the business! Any surprise to see them all as 5 stars?

Lighthouse boasts that they have “worked with 70,000 people” over 18 years and so it is rather odd to me that if this is true, why at least a handful of these individuals over the years didn’t review their experience whether positively or negatively online before. Little strange no?…

Controlling the Narrative

In a number of LIG articles they have expressed shock at the comments they have read on Reddit during 2021-22 claiming that out of all the 70,000 they have worked with these individuals represent the only unhappy individuals they’ve ever had, saying this represents just 00.01%. However each and every point of view they do not approve gets deleted (details >).

Plus the only individuals permitted to comment on articles they post on their Lighthouse Community site are yes, you’ve guessed it Lighthouse mentors & approved mentees.

Kris Deichler via his colleague Mel Francis wrote an article about me in December 2021 that was full of inaccuracies, misleading statements and omissions. I tried to get my side of the story across but was denied the opportunity by the Lighthouse moderator who I’m sure claims to live by the principles of “fairness” and “truth“. Full article here >

ITV News Feature

And the final strategy of 2021 which looked a little like white washing to me was that ITV had “invited” Paul Waugh onto ITV news in December 2021 where LIG claimed he was “interviewed” on the subject of “anonymous trolling“. I have serious doubts that a researcher from ITV came across the single page website that is Parents Against Trolling and extended the invitation.

It’s far more likely there was an organised outreach PR campaign to a number of media outlets. Furthermore an “interview” is a big stretch as he is on screen for 28 seconds as well as being one of many commentators (on screen at 3:00). Find the full 5 minute 34 second news piece here >

I suppose you could call it an “interview” as one question was asked: “What do you think about being anonymous commentator online?” and then he answered that. If there were follow up questions then the ITV editor obviously did not consider the responses worthy enough to make the final cut.

Furthermore the ironic thing for me is that he makes clear that anonymous online posts should be banned and their should be a regulator however as you can have seen time and time again LIG partners, mentees and supporters post on Reddit and even on their own website anonymously! You couldn’t make it up. I remain the only online poster to consistently use my own name.

Plus of course my personal belief that this media attention was done to primarily improve the battered LIG brand for if you’ve been on TV you must be the good guys right? So what do we have: a parents against tolls, parents against cults, charitable initiatives a growing celebrity status all to talk about with newbies to try and drown out the negative experiences and avoid answering some very basic questions (more on that here >) about LIG and how it operates.

Legal Case Update “Coming Along Well”

At an attempt to keep the y’all a bunch of criminals and the police and our “legal council” will be in touch very, very shortly narrative going LIG posted this rambling “update” on their website in early January 2022 in an article written by Kris Deichler.

It basically reminded others not to say anything negative about Lighthouse International Group or there would be consequences. Kris singled out one individual who “was brazen enough” to share his experience in the public domain on LinkedIn!

His article had a few cringe worthy moments such as “Lighthouse will be sharing this information with senior people at Reddit“. I mean geez as if the billionaire founders at Reddit would really give two shits about this back and forward dispute.

I’m sure they’re a million times more interested in their Wall Street bets (details >). These new shaming & intimidation techniques just showed me that LIG are now really running on empty for new ideas to intimidate former mentees to shut the hell up.

Their victim hat was still very much being warn when they claimed that a Reddit post was an LIG supporter was deleted by the “trolls” (the article again found here >) stating…

“He tried to post this message as a comment to a Reddit post by one of the trolls but found it was either banned or removed, which serves as evidence there is also a concerted effort by the criminal trolling contingent on Reddit to hide anything that confronts the reality of their stories and gives another perspective that would undermine and discredit the biased and prejudiced things they are writing.”

However as a Reddit user points out the comment was deleted by Reddit’s independent moderators and only Reddit have the ability to close/suspend accounts. The “evil trolls” have no such power. But why mention that? For a conspiracy is far more sexy right?

Second Legal Update Article

In another post by “The Legal Discovery Team at Lighthouse International Group” and directed at the “Criminal Trolls” (found here >) which certainly doesn’t look like it was written by a lawyer as we are encouraged to believe. The substance of the “update” is nothing more than: we’ve invited those with grievances to come to Paul Stephen Waugh’s house or to sue us. End of statement.

You would think this “update” posted almost a year after the Reddit comments started appearing (here>) would finally provide details of LIG’s case against the “criminal trolls” for we have been told for the best part of a year are going to be arrested for their crimes and that LIG are also going to civilly sue for damages to their reputation and loss of earnings. How strange all that was omitted…

Why Not Sue Us?

In this video LIG Head Mentor Paul Waugh also states that “if you have a problem with us take us to court” (here >). So I did and I secured judgement in my favour (details >). I have also not been the only one to secure a court judgement in my favour against the Lighthouse International Group business and individually against some of its mentors for monies owed in recent years. Details >

“Some Good News”

According to the “Questioning Lighthouse International Group” website at least 6 individuals have left Lighthouse in the last few months of 2021 and whilst they are unhappy about how they were treated (article here >) they are “doing really well” and are moving on with their lives.

UPDATE: February 2022

I have just become aware that in January 2022 Kris Deichler’s sister has accused him of threatening her and her family in an attempt to force her to stop participating in online discussions regarding Lighthouse International Group. See the bottom of this page > for the full details.

UPDATE: March 2022

In early March 2022 I received an email from my website hosting provider IONOS (formerly known as 1&1) advising me to add further protection to this website claiming that they had blocked 239 attempted attacks in the last 7 days alone (screen shot here >).

I don’t want to get all paranoid/conspiracy theory/accusatory about this but all I’ll say is that I have around 12 active websites and at least 30 website domain names and I’ve never received such a notice from IONOS about those. Even though some have been online for 10+ years…

And finally on 15th March 2022 I found out my “big brother” has formerly ended our relationship. As he has recently un-friended me on Facebook. A truly sad day. I’ll get my violin out.


UPDATE: April 2022 

I have recently been informed that apparently, Lighthouse are launching “Troll Trace”. Details >

Have Any Questions?

Feel free to get in touch with me here >