Controlling the Narrative

Cult Like Behaviour

As I have stated elsewhere Lighthouse appear to be very, very sensitive to criticism, questions and commentary they do not approve of. Something they often refer to as “trolling” (article >)

An obsession with controlling the narrative and threatening to sue, criminally prosecute, shame and silence or at least suppress the voices of those who have an opinion they do not approve of is more of the kind of behaviour you’d expect from a cult then a “loving” Christian organisation who claim that their number one goal is to make the world a better place.

No Right of Reply

Kris Deichler through his colleague Mel Francis wrote an article about me on their “Lighthouse Community” website after I shared my 6yr LIG experience on Reddit in December 2021.

However I was given no opportunity to get my side of the story across as Ms Francis never even bothered to reach out to me to ask a single question or fact check a single thing.

Clearly a right of reply (details >) is not a Lighthouse belief and so I looked to correct this by registering on their website so I could add my story to the comments section of their article. Registration

As you can see I registered (proof here >) and received confirmation my request had been received (proof here >) but I was never granted a login (last attempt for access was March 2022 so that I could confirm that I’m still blacklisted and nothing has changed with their approach).

I had no intention of posting a hateful, bitter response I just wanted to get my side of the story across and correct the many inaccuracies, misleading statements and omissions made.

Lighthouse constantly claims it advocates free speech, is committed to fairness and is dedicated to truth but that does not seem to be the case in real life. Just some cute platitudes.

YouTube Comments Deleted

Further evidence that just sharing an opinion and suggestions that Lighthouse International Group do not approve of is enough to silence you can be found when I commented on their YouTube video: “Lighthouse International Group – An Introduction to Parents Against Trolls, by Paul Stephen Waugh“. You can find this video on their YouTube channel here >

This is the precise comment that I posted here > As you can see its entirely inoffensive and it has some pretty darn good suggestions if I do say so myself 🙂

Yet because it was presumably categorised as “sinister” or “out to destroy Lighthouse” or some other such nonsense Lighthouse deleted it in less then 24hrs.

Facebook Comments Deleted

In early 2022 Lighthouse seemed to make it clear they were looking to focus less on mentoring/coaching and more on mental health/counselling services. The category on their Facebook page was even updated to state the business was in the “Mental Health” industry.

There was also a petition launched by Paul Stephen Waugh to have a “regulator” of the personal development industry (found here >). So making it clear he saw the wisdom in oversight and every company in the industry abiding by the same code of conduct / rules.

Being that Lighthouse are not even members of a trade association but are clearly moving more into “mental health” space without subscribing to any already established code of ethics that protect those who they dispense advice to I posted this comment on their Facebook post.

I’m happy to say this comment lasted much longer than the YouTube one…. although it was deleted within 36hrs of making it. Ha! Presumably my suggestion that LIG should operate within the same framework and standards as other mental health organisations in the UK to protect the vulnerable recipients of their advice was also considered “an attack on Lighthouse” or “trolling” or whatever.