Price Increase

50% Price Increase

As I have stated elsewhere I was mentored by Kris between 2013 and 2018 however in late 2017 I was advised by Kris Deichler that Lighthouse had decided that going forward it would be charging mentees not £50 per hour but £75 per hour and this applied to existing mentees too.

As you can imagine being a loyal client for over five years and being told about a 50% increase overnight is HUGE for someone who had dozens of mentoring sessions a year and so for him to impose this on his most reliable, cash cow didn’t seem right.

I know someone who has worked at the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris and he told me that loyal guests who have been there for years get charged the same rate as when they first started visiting. Advising me of one couple pay the 5 star hotel the 1985 rate!

When pressed as to why LIG was raising the price by 50% to all new & existing mentees the vague response I received was that the price hasn’t gone up for years and they’d been inflation. Even with that factored it hardly makes it 50%. This of course excludes any consideration for loyalty too.

Locking in “Old” Rate

I asked when this price increase was going ahead and was advised it was soon. But if I wanted to “lock-in” the old rate I could do for as many sessions as I wanted.

I of course made it clear that I’d like the “old rate” for as long as possible and so suggested 12 months which he was happy with. So instead of paying for 3 months in advance as I had done for the previous few years I prepaid for 12 full months (Jan to Dec 2018) to “lock-in” this old price. I therefore sent a bank transfer for £11,000.

Price Increase = Nonsense

I later found out this was total garbage. Mentoring stayed at £50/hour for new & existing mentees.

I can only presume in reality there was no meeting or decision to raise all mentees hourly rate to £75 per hour. I now believe it was just a high-pressure sales tactic to encourage me to pre-pay for the longest possible period.

This appears to be a sales technique used by other LIG mentors as well. Another individual was pushed hard to pay for 12 sessions up front for £600 details >>

Paid Full Price

I received no “deal” every session was paid at the £50 per hour rate. There was no buy 10 and get 1 free or whatever. To this day the LIG mentoring is £50/hour even though in 2021 inflation was 5.1%.